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This case study is an example for a simple yet effective single landing page showcasing personal skills, an attractive portfolio with the goal to show capabilities and drive leads through a contact form.
Static Single Landing Page Portfolio

An attractive landing page can be a powerful tool to effectively showcase your personal skills and work in order to filter valuable traffic that convert into leads. In this case possible clients would contact you through the form at the end of the page. From there you would pick up with personal guidance.

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  • Client MareaLABS
  • Date June 2017
  • Tags Landing Page, Portfolio

Clean Design

The goal of this landing page is to create a minimal and attractive portfolio of a creative mind showing the skills and capabilities with a short biography, skillbars and an image gallery.

Static HTML

To keep things simple we used static HTML to build this landing page. No need to crack the nut with the sledgehammer with an entire CMS behind. Better for performance = better for Google.

Portfolio Presentation

The creative work is showcased in a user-friendly image gallery. The user can enlarge the images and browse through the gallery items conveniently. Skillbars display a breakdown of the designer’s capabilities.

Conversion Focus

This landing page was created to increase customer contacts and drive leads. The portfolio is meant to convince a possible client who can send a request through the form at the bottom of the page.

Technical Details Under the Hood

For those interested here is a technical glimpse under the hood of this website.

Page Builder

A static page builder was used to create the basic HTML & CSS structure of the landing page elements.

Static HTML & CSS

Instead of setting up an entire CMS behind this single page, we created a static page based on images, HTML & CSS.

Adobe Photoshop

To create all the image-based visual elements like header images and portfolio fotos we rely on the good old Photoshop.

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